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P098-000 Injector

HCR-2 Heavy Duty Injector.

Product introduction

1.Product Introduction

The shape of P098-000 injector is consistent with competing injector in order to keep the same interface of engine, and the assembly can be used interchangeably. Controlling the fuel injection and close of the injector by the high-speed solenoid can easily and precisely control the injection process, and have many controllable parameters, which is beneficial to the whole process optimization of the diesel engine combustion process. The high-stress nozzle is used, and the needle guiding outside diameter and the sealing seat surface are subjected to wear-resistant coating treatment to improve the wear resistance, sliding and anti-impurity ability. The opening and closing injection is controlled by the split structure of armature and guiding pivot, minimizing the impact to sealing valve caused by the rebound of armature back to the seat. The structure has excellent fuel injection stability and is not sensitive to the influence of back pressure, the intellectual property rights of which owned by the company. The hydraulic plunger and the injector body are designed as a pair of parts, which not only reduces the leakage source, improves the reliability, but also makes full use of the current process of the company to ensure the product quality stability and production consistency. The hydraulic plunger is also coated with a surface-resistant coating to further ensure the reliability of the injector's maximum working rail pressure of up to 1800 bar.

2.Product Picture