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Common Rail Injector Intelligent Assembly Line

A digital automatic intelligentized advanced production platform which generally applies industrial robot, machine version, RFID data wireless traceability, high precision measurement and data comprehensive analysis technologies to establish the assembly line.

The assembly line has 8 operation stations with 20 meters length for assembling the two series of CR injector with backflow and non-backflow CR injector. The high pressure volume shim and solenoid spacer are unmanned automatic measured and selected, which improves the assembly efficiency. Host computer control system not only controls production of the whole assembly line but also carries out logic error- proofing and digital information control on the whole process such as follow-up air leakage test, running-in, performance calibration, laser marking, packaging and rework ect.


German Durr High Pressure Washing Machine

German Durr industrial high pressure washing machine adopts the water of 1300ba pressure to flush the parts and remove micro-tiny burrs on the high precision surface. The machine in our company is used to wash common rail, injector body and barrel ect. It has robot automatic loading system and version identification system. The whole washing process is an automatic mix-line operation. 


Common Rail Injector Performance Test Machine

The machine adopts the third generation large range fuel injection transient flow rate and fuel injection rule measuring instrument that can precisely measure CR injector's fuel volume of 5-time small injection. It can finish multi-point tests of an injector assy in a short time.